Unemployed Nation Be Like Cast Iron

Easy Way To Season A Cast Iron Skillets

No other kitchen tools can match the versatility and durability of old-fashioned cast iron skillets. For those who think that this old cookware from grandmother’s kitchen is cookware of the past with no relevance to today’s cooking methods, then they are greatly misinformed. Modern cookwares are more a show piece rather than a helpful kitchen appliance. They are costly for nothing, food cooks in them are often half cook and half burn. They are not durable and break if fell few times. best cast iron skillets last for generations and they are cheap as well. Most cast iron skillets can be brought under $20.

The cast-iron skillet is capable of all sorts of kitchen heroics. From frying to sauteing to baking and everything in between cast-iron is up to the task. Not even the most expensive professional grade stainless cookware can compare to the heat retention and dispersion abilities of cast-iron cookware. And if properly cared for, cast-iron skillets can be a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation.
cast iron skillet

Seasoning Cast-Iron

Many people know the benefits of cast iron skillets, but they don’t buy them, because seasoning the cast iron is time consuming and very difficult. But this is not true, seasoning cast iron is easy if you follow the proper steps. The below procedure is good for all cast-iron cookware including griddles, skillets, and Dutch ovens. You’ll want to properly season every piece of cast-iron to prevent rust and maintain the best cooking surface possible. Enamel coated cast-iron cookware does not require seasoning. Here are the steps to season any cast iron cookware.
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